Charity runs


Another charity run took place in 2014 where we combined forces with the people behind ‘Stichting Kicheko’. With a similar construction as before- a donation for every 4km that was run by a person- we collected a worthy amount to fund two wonderful goals.

Since the charity runs turned out to be a succes each time we are confident we’ll organise more charity runs in the future.


Following the succes of our 2012 charity run, we organised a second run in 2013 to fund our project in Vietnam. This time we had special t-shirts made for the participants.

This run took also place in Amsterdam Vondelpark and again turned out to be a great succes thanks to all dedicated runners and sponsors.


In 2012 we organised our first charity run to collect funding for our projects. With roots in the Netherlands it was most obvious for us to organise it in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. For every 4km that was run by a person, a certain amount was donated.

The charity walk was a huge success and produced a lot of money for the cause. We decided to continue with the concept.