Haïti 2021

Haïti is one of the most troubled countries in the world at the moment. With 60% of the population living below the poverty line, possessing less than US2.41 per day. Making it the poorest on the western hemisphere at the moment. Only approximately half of the population has access to clean drinking water. 80% of the total diseases spread because of dirty drinking water and poor sanitation.
Through local contacts in the Dominican Republic doing local groundwork at foundations like InspireDR and DREAM project, we have made contact to a foundation working locally in Haiti, called America Solidaria. Working locally in Haiti for many years they underline that clean drinking water is one of the mayor problems at the moment.


Various report emphasize on the matter. Stating that only 50% of the people in rural Haiti have access to drinking water, let alone clean drinking water. Cholera spreading has been a risk especially in times of heavy rain. Sanitation’s substantial importance to not spread diseases has been apparent, as seen now specifically in the Covid19 pandemic.
Therefore, the main goal for the 2021 project is to:
- Supply at least two water well systems to two primary schools, with the ability to pump water manually without electricity. Supply water storage
- Build sanitation (toilets) block for the primary school located in Carice

Below article stating the importance of sanitation and water specifically now at Covid19 pandemic.


There are two in need primary schools operating in the north of Haiti. Current focus of other water projects focus on the higher populated south in the Port o Prince area.

As can be seen in the images basic building structure exist, but lack any sanitation and clean water system.



In the past we have organised a charity run for every project we have worked on. Each time the charity run was a huge success and produced a lot of money for the cause. It’s our goal to keep on doing this for future projects.


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