Rwanda Project

In 2008, Kids at Play completed their first project in Rwanda, where the Foundation supported an orphanage called Rusayo. A playground was built and a monastery of 400 m2 that had collapsed was reconstructed. When we returned at this site to inspect the state of the constructed work, we were struck by the gratitude of the local people, who helped create a successful project.

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Vietnam Project

In 2012, we went to Vietnam to work on our second project in a leprosy village in the Central Highlands. This is the region in which the fiercest battles of the Vietnam-American War took place. We built 4 playgrounds, converted a piece of raw land into both a soccer field and a volleyball court. Finally we donated special one-armed-wheelchairs to the unlucky people that fell victim to the booby …

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Bolivia Project

In 2014, we went to Bolivia and after visiting the orphanage, we saw how poor the situation was. It was urgent to provide clean water. Soon after completing this project there was a huge flood in Bolivia and the only clean water in the region was the well at the orphanage. In 2017 we visit the orphanage again to complete the construction of two dormitories for the children.

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