Venture to the magical wilderness of the Amazon rain forest in Bolivia, the majestic East African mountains in Rwanda, or the rural countryside of Vietnam. With Kids at Play you experience both the natural wonders and the conditions that some locals live in. Take a step towards helping those in need by building wells, playgrounds, and homes, as well as supplying food, games, and happiness.
Right now, our only volunteer trip is going to Bolivia. We are trying to raise more funds to go back to Rwanda and Vietnam. If you would like to help this process, please donate. We appreciate any kind of support.
Why do you want to volunteer with us? What do you want to achieve by volunteering on this trip? Tell us something interesting, help us get to know you.

Orphanage ‘Familia Feliz’, Bolivia

Our main crew will leave for Bolivia by November 2017.  For 2018 we plan to schedule a maintenance-run, you are welcome to join depending how long you can stay.

We welcome volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, however, here are a couple points we would like to stick by most of the time:

  • A minimum stay of 6 months (contact us or leave a message in your application if you have special requests)
  • If you are under 18, please come under parental supervision or with a letter to prove you are allowed to go on this trip